Marketing Audit

The Audit of processes related to Marketing activities aims to bring transparency in obtaining Results.

What is Marketing Audit?

The Audit of processes related to Marketing activities aims to bring transparency.

Audit procedures are carried out at all stages of a Marketing campaign cycle to ensure:

  • Correct use of the budget;
  • Verification of accounting and tax impacts;
  • Verification of transfers and payment;
  • Verification of achievement of objectives;
  • Range tests;
  • Validação de documentos dos participantes;
  • Others procedures.


Transparency and Best Practices

Data analysis
Financial Management
Reaching Goals

Types of Marketing Audit

Audit of Campaigns Promotions and Sweepstakes
Audit of campaigns, promotions and sweepstakes: checks if the contents are being carried out in a reputable and true way and in accordance with the objectives and the contract;
Financial Audit
The financial audit assesses whether the budget is being used correctly, in addition to identifying possible fraud and whether the campaigns are returning or not;
Result Audit
Result Audit: Here the process of how the campaign will reach the target audience is analyzed and how it will be impacted.

Step-by-Step for a Marketing Audit

Step 01
Doc Readings
Thorough studies and analysis of the following documentation: Budget, Briefing, Contracts, Regulations, etc.
Step 02
Verification of Expenses and Transfers
Calculation of accounting documents, such as: Analysis of Invoices, Proof of Payment, Compliance with Budget and Contracts and finally, tax analysis.
Step 03
Goals Validation
Conference of goals and objectives established by the company. The following are investigated: actions, events, advertisements, sweepstakes, among others.
Step 04
Others procedures.
Analyzes are carried out in relation to circularization/confirmation with third parties, validation of the database and results, among others.
Step 05
Issuance of report
Presentation of Results and Assurance of Processes and Procedures Adopted in each action.

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