Reinvent business models, find the market niche and optimize internal processes, increasing productivity.

PGBR's Advisory area has significant experience in projects to improve process performance and innovation. As a result, our consulting services aim to provide companies with practices that contribute to the improvement of the corporate governance process and help management in the performance of its functions, collaborating to improve management, generate greater investor confidence and, consequently, provide greater fluidity of resources for organizations.

In addition, the multidisciplinary team supports your company in the strategic execution and implementation of improvement and innovation actions, integrating processes, technology and intellectual capital.

In a humanized way, we are dedicated to understanding your business, its problems and challenges, developing processes in accordance with good practices and internal control systems, which reduce costs and support a solid decision-making and governance process. In addition, we define sustainable strategies to support your company in the process of innovating and growing, reducing costs and leveraging talent.

Types of Consultancy

Governance, Risk and Compliance
The redesign of processes and the implementation of a manual of policies, norms and formal processes throughout the organization's structure, in accordance with good practices, will contribute to improving internal control systems, increasing management efficiency for the process of protecting business continuity and mitigate risks that may affect the company, protecting business continuity and avoiding management and compliance crisis.
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – Valuation and Due Diligence
The main objective in an M&A project is to leverage the business and manage its development with detailed quantitative analysis, rigorous implementation and structuring techniques to support your company in the assessment and management of risks in acquisition and merger projects, acquisition structuring for optimize cash flows, prepare to sell, and perform economic appraisal.
Financial Economic Assessment
The economic and financial evaluation projects of the company aim to assure the investor that the cash generation of the business will be sufficient to support the expected return on investment. This type of valuation requires the preparation of economic and financial projections regarding the future performance of operations and estimation of an appropriate discount rate, which reflects the opportunity cost of the investment in question.
Financial Planning and Business Budget
With the objective of better advising organizations in the decision-making process, we developed the PGBR-PLAN tool, aimed at building short and long-term budgets and simulation models, capable of quickly and securely providing the information required by the administration. . Totally flexible, during its implementation this tool is adapted to each client.
Judicial recovery
Financial planning, financial and operational reformulation of organizations from the most diverse sectors of the economy. We are able to support your company before and during the judicial reorganization process, with the implementation of a set of strategic actions having as a priority the financial balance, the restructuring, the continuity of the economic activity and its permanence in the market.
Asset Valuation Reports
PGBR carries out accounting appraisals of shareholders' equity or part of the assets and liabilities that make up the balance sheet, with the aim of issuing Appraisal Reports that support corporate restructuring processes.
Frauds, Investigations and Disputes
Organizations have been expanding the complexity of their activities and, in this way, face a severe regulatory environment and risks of negative exposure of their image, caused by facts associated with corruption, moral harassment, unethical conduct, fraud, environmental impacts and other failures of “ compliance”.
Technical Advice on Forensic Expertise
PGBR has accountants and administrators with experience in carrying out accounting, financial and corporate expertise and acting as technical assistants to issue technical opinions in support of demands related to our area of expertise. The Technical Assistance in Forensics services are coordinated by partners duly registered in the Regional Courts of Justice as judicial experts and judicial administrators.
International Business
With the considerable increase in international demand, PGBR created a specific and exclusive department to serve this type of business, always acting as a facilitator of the foreign investor's understanding of the Brazilian business environment. We have the best solutions for the bureaucratic and legal scope of Brazil and, at the same time, the needs and particularities of the economic segment of our international customers.
Corporate Planning and Succession Plans
The corporate area of PGBR works advising and providing consultancy to its clients, in the national and international market, aiming to guarantee security in the execution of corporate projects and operations, such as: acquisition of companies, incorporation, merger, corporate reorganization, structuring of operations purchase and sale of equity interests and transfer of assets. Our staff has extensive experience in the corporate area,
Startup Solutions and Support
With their high degree of technological knowledge, startups leverage their business through passion for their purpose. PGBR can help its executives and CEOS, counting on our long journey of action, experience, vast experience in evolution and solution of problems in different sectors and companies, injecting a degree of professionalism, analysis and managerial, financial, accounting and process structuring of your business.
Condominium Solutions
Condominium Audit, Accounting Outsourcing, Support in the Preparation of Management Reports (Budget, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable). Support in the Elaboration of Condominium Convention and Condominium Assemblies. We have professionals specialized in Rules and Legislation specific to Condominiums.
Corporate Transactions
PGBR has specialists in corporate transactions from the market, having worked in important international consulting companies and in the financial market. Bringing a corporate vision, together with Audit and Accounting professionals, they form a highly prepared team to handle corporate transactions such as: financial restructuring, asset sales, capital structure and fundraising.

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