Internal Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance

The purpose of internal quality audit is not only to observe how processes work, but the risks involved in this process.

A Quality audit focused on looking at how processes work and what risks these processes may present. PGBR has 60 years of expertise in this service.

The purpose of Internal Audit is not only to observe how the processes work, but also to know the quality that they are performed, the costs and the risks involved in them. It is at this moment that PGBR plays an important role in partnership with companies and managers, identifying points for continuous improvement in processes and ensuring that they achieve their goals.

Types of Internal Audit

Outsourcing of the Internal Audit Department
It is with professionals from different sectors of the market, with extensive experience in internal auditing, that PGBR helps companies with their professionals ready to compose their department, acting independently and bringing an updated view of internal controls in the best practices of the Marketplace.
Mapping of Operational Processes and Preparation of Manuals
Through the mapping of internal processes and formalization of the norms and procedures of the scope, PGBR recommends improvements, optimizes and formalizes the internal processes. In addition to bringing security and quality, the analysis brings knowledge of the vulnerability points of each process, allowing its monitoring. The vast material generated by our specialists will support managers and the entire organization's team during their activities.
Taking companies to reflect and reassess their processes and results, PGBR's ISO/IEC/OSHAS Audit service carries out internal audits with the necessary scope and based on the applicable requirements and standards.
Quality Management System Audit
The Audit of the Quality Management System (QMS) aims to ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of your company's Quality Management System, and consequently of its processes. Our team assesses whether the best practices and requirements of the market and regulatory bodies are being observed in your company and helps you put this into practice.
Audit in Specific Processes and Departments
-Human Resources Audit and Personal department; -P2P Audit (Purchase of Payment); -Purchasing Audit; -Supplier Audit; -Accounts Payable and Accounts Payable Audit To receive; -Inventory Audit;

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