Audit and Assurance

How to add value to your business? How to attract investors? One of the ways to do this is auditing.

PGBR has expertise based on 60 years of experience in independent auditing. It is an activity that, using specific technical procedures, has the purpose of attesting the adequacy of an act or fact in order to give it characteristics of reliability, promoting transparency and precision in the financial disclosures made by an organization. In other words, it creates foundations for companies to survive an increasingly competitive market, making them more reliable and preparing them for the future. To help in this process, PGBR follows global standards, with more modern concepts of auditing, accounting and governance, allied to great professionals, with integrity and independent behavior.

Types of Audit and Assurance

Audit of Financial Statements
With an accounting, financial, tax and social approach, the Audit of Financial Statements represents for our clients a value that exceeds the issuance of the auditors' report, attributing greater transparency and reliability to accounting and financial information.
Audit of Previously Agreed Procedures
Ideal for collecting and analyzing data from specific points in more depth. The procedures to be applied are agreed together with the parties involved – the result is a report that discusses these procedures and the factual findings obtained from them.
The assurance solution is one in which the independent auditor seeks to obtain appropriate and sufficient evidence to express his conclusion in order to increase the degree of confidence of the expected users about the result of the measurement or evaluation of an object, according to criteria that are applicable .
Financial Audit
Audit of financial transactions, aiming to identify the correct use of the resources of the business entity, observing its objectives, purposes and legality. Bringing, thus, to the light of the executives greater security and data used for decision making.
Audit of Incentive Laws
Registered with the Ministries of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), we are qualified to issue reports on the fulfillment of specific requirements for companies that benefit from the Rota 2030 Program and of Law No. 8,248 on Information Technology and Technology.
Audit of Condominiums, Shopping Malls and Hotels
PGBR brings a professional and managerial vision to the rendering of accounts and balance sheets, increasing the reliability of the rendering of accounts, of the administration and of the condominium owners, shopkeepers and shareholders, about the internal controls that are being applied in the management of the projects.

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