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With more than six thousand projects delivered, PGBR has been providing, for almost 62 years, Independent External and Internal Audit and Quality, Tax Solutions, Consulting and Corporate Outsourcing services. He has worked in several areas, acquiring specific expertise to present the best solutions on the market. He specialized in Internal and External Independent Auditing.​

PGBR was born from the union of important national companies, one of which was founded in 1960. Comprised of partners with extensive experience in the Audit and Consulting market, combined with operations in multinational companies, they brought to the market quality service with greater personalization. . Each service provided in the different segments of economic activity is supported by the knowledge developed in these almost 62 years of experience.

In addition to being present throughout the national territory, the company is the main member firm in Brazil of PrimeGlobal, one of the five largest independent accounting and auditing associations in the world.

It is with technical skills that PGBR offers global reach, local service and personal connections at fair prices, without leaving aside the commitment allied to humanization, making the work "Hands On", hand in hand with its partners and customers in order to reach in the best solutions and results, always relying on the ethics and independence inherent to the profession.

In addition, through partnerships, PGBR establishes a personalized relationship, in which the focus is the continuous improvement of the client-company's processes.

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For 62 years Auditing and supporting small, medium and large companies in different segments, developing solutions with a team focused and oriented to deliver the best.


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62 Years

Of experience and professionalism for your business.

Our Values


Our purpose is to positively, humanely and sustainably impact the lives of people, companies and the community, in order to transform business into more ethical, safe and low-risk environments. The partnership with our customers is indispensable in our services.

PGBR's Objectives

Our goal is to be recognized as one of the most important companies providing Audit, Tax Solutions, Outsourcing and Business Projects services – allied to the growth of the community of collaborators, customers and partners, in a sustainable way. Guiding this increase in empathy, cooperation and service provision with a high degree of knowledge and satisfaction.

Our Team

In service, PGBR values personalization, partnership, zeal for ethics and the integral preservation of the entire service provided. The company supports its employees who participate in continuing education, through specialization courses on the constant changes within the segment in which it operates. In all, PGBR has 15 partners throughout Brazil and a team of over 60 employees.

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Milton Rodrigues


Jacqueline Campos

Partner – Director

Jéssica Rodrigues

Partner – Director

Eduardo Lyra

Partner – Director

Carlos Alberto Magalhães

Partner – Director

Association of the Year Award

PrimeGlobal is Recognized as the Association of the Year in 2020-2022

PrimeGlobal is one of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, comprising 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms in over 80 countries.

PrimeGlobal's independent member firms such as PGBR are home to a combined total of more than 3,000 partners, 28,000 employees and revenue of more than $3.8 billion.

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PGBR already operates throughout the national territory serving the largest companies in Brazil. Meet some of our customers.

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