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Solutions in support activities, from accounting to financial and personnel management, in an integrated and assertive way.

Today, companies are increasingly allocating their financial and operational resources and energy to the focus of their business. Administrative activities, mainly in the accounting department, are being allocated to outsourced specialist companies.

PGBR now has a Quality Accounting Outsourcing team, formed by professionals who have been working with accounting for over 25 years and who have structured a "Prime" team to serve small and medium-sized companies and large entities of all sizes. segments, with cutting-edge Accounting ERP systems, in-depth knowledge of legislation, corporate, tax and accounting regulations, personalized service and strict deadlines, in order to bring efficiency and security to your business.


  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of the Finance Department
  • Outsourcing of the Tax Department
  • Outsourcing of the Human Resources Department
  • Preparation of Income Statement for Individuals
  • Preparation of Corporate Income Statement
  • Preparation of Ancillary Obligations
  • Management Reports
  • System Parameterization
  • Allocation of Professionals
  • Judicial Administration
  • Individual and Corporate Income Tax

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